XX International Workshop on Low-Energy Positron and Positronium Physics
XXI International Symposium on Electron-Molecule Collisions and Swarms
18 - 20 JULY 2019
Belgrade, Serbia

Poster Presentations

Poster Sessions will be held in the Gallery of Science and Technology, of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (entrance from the street Đure Jakšića 2 - map). The Gallery will be open for participants to place their posters on July 18th and 19th from 12:30 h.

Dimensions of poster boards are 97 cm (w) x 200 cm (h).


Thursday, July 18th, 17:45-19:30 h
Posters: EMS 1 - EMS 33; LEPPP 1 - LEPPP 21


Friday, July 19th, 17:45-19:30 h
Posters: EMS 34 - EMS 65; LEPPP 22 - LEPPP 42


  1. Dissociative Electron Attachment to MgCN

    A Orel and Å Larson
  2. Site Selectivity in Dissociative Electron Attachment to Acetaldehyde

    Samata Gokhale, Anil Raghav, E. Krishnakumar and Vaibhav S. Prabhudesai
  3. Functional Group Dependence in Dissociative Electron Attachment to Pyrrole

    Samata Gokhale, Krishnendu Gope, Vishvesh Tadsare, Anil Raghav, Matthew Bain, Michael N R Ashfold, E. Krishnakumar and Vaibhav S. Prabhudesai
  4. Resonance Electron Interaction with Heterocyclic Compounds: Vibrational Feshbach Resonances and Hydrogen Atom Stripping

    S. A. Pshenichnyuk, I. I. Fabrikant, A. Modelli, S. Ptasińska and A. S. Komolov
  5. Hot Topic Selective Bond Excision of Nitroimidazoles in Electron Transfer Experiments

    M. Mendes, M. Probst, T. Maihom, G. García and P. Limão-Vieira
  6. High-Resolution (e- + H2O) Scattering near 0o

    R. Kadokura, A.Loreti, Á. Kövér, A. Faure, J. Tennyson and G. Laricchia
  7. Collisions of Low-Energy Electrons with Halogenated Benzenes: Shape Resonances and Differential Cross Sections

    Alessandra Souza Barbosa, Márcio H. F. Bettega, Filipe F. Silva, Paulo Limão-Vieira
  8. Elastic Electron Scattering by Halocarbon Radicals in the Independent Atom Model Approach

    Sándor Demes, Vladimir Kelemen, Eugene Remeta
  9. Ab Initio Study of Appearance Energies in Electron-Impact Dissociative Ionization Processes of Small Chalcogenide Clusters

    Sándor Demes and Eugene Remeta
  10. Total Electron Scattering Cross Sections from Benzene

    L. Álvarez, F. Costa, A. I. Lozano, F. Blanco, G. García
  11. Electron Induced Vibrational Excitation Cross Section and 2D Electron Energy Loss Spectra of Methyl Formate

    Ragesh Kumar T P and J Fedor
  12. Symmetry Control of DEA in Pyrrole Revealed by Absolute Cross Sections and 2D Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy

    Ragesh Kumar T P and J Fedor
  13. Fragmentation of Glutamine Molecule by Low-Energy Electron-Impact

    Sándor Demes, Jelena Tamulienė, Laura Baliulytė, Liudmila Romanova, Vasyl Vukstich, Alexander Papp and Alexander Snegursky
  14. Electron-Impact Vibrationally-Resolved Electronic Excitation and Dissociation of Molecular Hydrogen

    Liam Scarlett, Jonathan Tapley, Jeremy Savage, Mark Zammit, Dmitry Fursa and Igor Bray
  15. Low Energy Electron Scattering by Uracil[H2O]n Clusters

    Lucas Medeiros Cornetta, Marcio T do N Varella
  16. Total Cross Section for Electron Scattering from SnCl4 Molecules

    S. Stefanowska-Tur, P. Możejko, E. Ptasińska-Denga, Cz. Szmytkowski
  17. Anomalous Diffusion in Radio-Frequency Electric Field in CO2

    Violeta V. Stanković, Miroslav M. Ristić, Mirjana M. Vojnović, Goran B. Poparić
  18. DEA and DI Measurements of Potential FEBID Precursor Ru(CO)4I2

    Pernille A. Jensen, Rachel M. Thorman, Scott Matsuda, Jo-Chi Yu, Lisa McElwee-White, Howard Fairbrother and Oddur Ingólfsson
  19. Atomic and Molecular Suite of R-matrix Codes for Ultrafast Dynamics in Strong Laser Fields and Electron/Positron Scattering

    J Benda, Z Mašín, G S J Armstrong, D D A Clarke, A C Brown, J Wragg, C Ballance, A G Harvey, K Houfek, A Sunderland, M Plummer, J D Gorfinkiel and H van der Hart
  20. Calculation of Cross Section for Li- Production in Dissociative Electron Attachment to LiH Molecule

    Jan Dvořák, Martin Čížek, and Karel Houfek
  21. Ion-Pair Formation in Neutral Potassium-Neutral Pyrimidine Collisions: Electron Transfer Experiments

    A. I. Lozano, M. Mendes, B. Pamplona, S. Kumar, F. Ferreira da Silva, A. Aguilar, G. García, M.-C. Bacchus-Montabonel, P. Limão-Vieira
  22. Total electron Scattering Cross Sections with Molecules of Biological Interest as Measured with a Magnetically Confined Electron Beam System

    A. I. Lozano, L. Álvarez, F. Ferreira da Silva, F. Blanco, P. Limão-Vieira, G. García
  23. Hot Topic Vibrational Excitation and Dissociative Electron Attachment Cross Sections in Cyanoacetylene HC3N

    M. Ranković, P. Nag, M. Zawadzki, M. Polášek, J. Žabka, J. Kočišek, J. Fedor
  24. Resonances, Vibrational Excitation and Dissociative Attachment in HNCO

    M. Zawadzki, Ragesh Kumar T. P., J. Kočišek, R. Čurík, K. Houfek, M. Čížek, J. Fedor
  25. Theoretical Cross Sections for the Ionisation of Molecules by Single Electron Impact

    L Mouawad, P-A Hervieux, C Dal Cappello, J Pansanel, V Robert, Z El Bitar
  26. Dissociative Electron Attachment in HNCO

    Jiří Trnka, Martin Čížek, Karel Houfek
  27. Laser-Induced Thermal Desorption for the Production of Intact Nucleoside Targets for Electron Collision Experiments

    Bocková J., Rebelo A., Pandey R., Ryszka M., Nixon K., Limão-Vieira P.,Vizcaino V., Poully J.-C., Eden S.
  28. Electron Collisions with N2H Molecules and Electron Detachment

    Brendan M McLaughlin and Robert C Forrey
  29. Crude Potential Model for Mobility of Polyatomic Molecular Ions in Nitrogen and Oxygen Gases Using the MOBCAL

    Hajime Tanuma
  30. Dynamics of OH- Production in Dissociative Electron Attachment to Water

    Pamir Nag and Juraj Fedor
  31. Electron-Induced Excitation and Dissociation Dynamics of NCCN

    Pamir Nag, Miroslav Polášek and Juraj Fedor
  32. Low Energy Electron Scattering from H2O+

    Ismanuel Rabadán and Jimena D. Gorfinkiel
  33. Ionization Coefficients in Low-Pressure DC Discharge in Vapours of Alcohols

    J Sivoš, D Marić, N Škoro, G Malović and Z Lj Petrović
  34. QEC - Quantemol Electron Collisions Software

    Bridgette Cooper, Maria Tudorovskaya, Sebastian Mohr, Aran O´Hare, Martin Hanicinec, Anna Dzarasova, Jimena Gorfinkiel, Jakub Benda, Zdenek Masin, Ahmed Al-Refaie, Jonathan Tennyson
  35. Hot Topic "Recommended" Cross Sections for Electron Collisions with Molecules

    Mi-Young Song, Jung-Sik Yoon, Hyuck Cho, Grzegorz P. Karwasz, Viatcheslav Kokoouline, Yoshiharu Nakamura and Jonathan Tennyson
  36. Water Acting as a Catalyst for Electron-Driven Break-Up in Biochemically Relevant Hydrogen-Bonded Systems

    X. Ren, E. Wang and A. Dorn
  37. Setting New Boundaries for Electron Scattering with Highly Excited States of H2

    T. Meltzer, Z. Mašín and J. Tennyson
  38. Tackling Mixed Rydberg and Valence States in Nitric Oxide with the RMPS Method

    T. Meltzer, Z. Mašín and J. Tennyson
  39. Experimental Determination of H2 Mass Stopping Powers for Low-Energy Electrons

    M. Zawadzki and M. A. Khakoo
  40. Low-Energy Electron Scattering from Molecular Hydrogen

    M. Zawadzki, R. Wright, G. Dolmat, M. F. Martin, B. Diaz, L. Hargreaves, D. Coleman, D. V. Fursa, M. C. Zammit, L. H. Scarlett, J. K. Tapley, J. S. Savage, I. Bray, and M. A. Khakoo
  41. Low Energy Differential Elastic Electron Scattering from Propyne (C3H4)

    M. Zawadzki, B. Hlousek, F. Pilla and M. A. Khakoo
  42. Tracing Fragmentation Channels to Specific Clusters of Nitromethane by Stark Removal Experiments

    Rebelo A., Bocková J., Pandey R., Ryszka M., Limão-Vieira P., Poully J.-C., Eden S
  43. Absolute Differential Cross Sections for Electron Scattering from Anaesthetic Molecules

    J. Vuković, J. B. Maljković, B. Predojević and B. P. Marinković
  44. Cross Sections for Collisional and Radiative Processes: BEAMDB and MOLD Databases

    Bratislav P. Marinković, Vladimir A. Srećković, Veljko Vujčić, Stefan Ivanović, Nebojša Uskoković, Milutin Nešić, Ljubinko M. Ignjatović, Darko Jevremović, Milan S. Dimitrijević, and Nigel J. Mason
  45. Monte Carlo Studies of Electron Transport in Crossed Electric and Magnetic DC and RF Fields in C2H6O and C2H6O/Ar Mixtures

    Snježana Dupljanin, Olivera Šašić and Zoran Lj Petrović
  46. Dissociative Ionization Dynamics of Dielectric gas C3F7CN

    M. Ranković, J. Chalabala, M. Zawadzki, J. Kočišek, P. Slavíšek and J. Fedor
  47. Cross Section Set for O2H+ Ions in Water Vapor

    V.D. Stojanović, J.V. Jovanović, D. Marić and Z.Lj. Petrović
  48. A Gas Phase Study on Low Energy Electron-Induced Decomposition of Potential Gold Containing Precursors for FEBID Technique

    A. Kamali, W. Carden, L. McElwee-White, O. Ingólfsson
  49. Hot Topic Promoting Reaction Channels in Dissociative Electron Attachment to Improve the Cross-Linking Efficiency of SAMs for the Production of Carbon Nano-Membranes

    M. Cipriani, A. Terfort, S. Koch, A. Gölzhäuser and Oddur Ingólfsson
  50. Dissociative Recombination with a Scattering Matrix Approach; HeH+ as a Test Case

    Aran O´Hare, Jonathan Tennyson, Viatcheslav Kokoouline
  51. Comparison of RF Breakdown in Argon and Oxygen - Monte Carlo Simulation

    Marija Puač, Dragana Marić, Gordana Malović, Jelena Sivoš and Zoran Lj Petrović
  52. Gas Phase Study of Low Energy Electrons in Dissociation of TFMAA as a Monomer in EUVL Technique

    R. Tafrishi, O. Ingólfsson
  53. Low Energy Electrons (5 - 15 eV) Processing of Condensed Methyl Acetate: a Relevant Compound for EUV Lithography

    R. Tafrishi, J. Malletroit, C. Dablemont, O. Ingólfsson, L. Amiaud, A. Lafosse
  54. Cross Sections and Rate Coefficients for Electron Impact Dissociation of Hydrogen Molecular Ions

    Vladimir A. Srećković, Ljubinko M. Ignjatović, Darko Jevremović and Milan S. Dimitrijević
  55. Electron Driven Reactions to Boronic Acids

    F Ferreira da Silva, J Pereira-da-Silva, B Pamplona, M Mendes, G García and P Limão-Vieira
  56. Trajectory Surface Hopping Dynamics for Coupled Resonant Anions

    Fábris Kossoski, Mario Barbatti
  57. Dissociative Electron Attachment and Chiral Sensitivity of Halocamphors

    J C Ruivo, F Kossoski, M T do N Varella
  58. Total Cross Sections from Chlorobenzene in Electron Transfer Experiments

    S. Kumar, M. Mendes, A. I. Lozano, F. Ferreira da Silva, J. Fedor, G. García and P. Limão-Vieira
  59. Production and exploration of Rydberg Highly Charged ions

    Joan Marler
  60. Fluid Modeling of Resistive Plate Chambers: Effects of Collisional Data on the Detector Performance

    D. Bošnjaković, O. Šašić, Z.Lj. Petrović and S. Dujko
  61. Electron Transport and Streamers in the Atmosphere of Titan

    S. Dujko, D. Bošnjaković, I. Simonović and C. Köhn
  62. Effects of Anisotropic Scattering on Electron Transport in Argon

    S. Dujko, D. Bošnjaković, Z.Lj. Petrović and T. Makabe
  63. Cross Sections for Scattering of Electrons on Tetrafluoropropene HFO1234ze Obtained from the Swarm Data

    Zoran Lj. Petrović, Jasmina Atić, Dragana Marić, Saša Dujko, Gordana Malović, Jaime de Urquijo, Martin Ise, Thomas Hammer
  64. Excitation Cross-Section for e-N2H Scattering

    Paresh Modak, Abhisek Singh, Bobby Antony
  65. Electron-Induced Fragmentation of Peptide Model Molecules

    Zhou Li, Michal Ryszka, M. Michele Dawley, Ian Carmichael, Ksenia B. Bravaya, and Sylwia Ptasińska


  1. Electronic excitation of atoms by positron impact using the scaling Born positron approach

    Jorge L S Lino
  2. New Calculations on e+ N2 Ionization

    R. I. Campeanu, I.Toth, L. Nagy
  3. Positron and Electron Impact Ionization of Ne and Ar

  4. Using Strong Laser Fields to Produce Antihydrogen Ions

    Chris M. Keating and Jack C. Straton
  5. Electronic excitation of H2O by positron impact

    F. Arretche, M.V. Barp, E.P. Seidel and W. Tenfen
  6. Rotational excitation of O2 by positron impact

    M.V. Barp, W. Tenfen and F. Arretche
  7. Low Energy Positron Scattering by C2H2

    W. Tenfen, M.V. Barp and F. Arretche
  8. Rovibrational excitation of rare-gas dimers by positron impact

    E.P. Seidel and F. Arretche
  9. Rotational Excitation of Tetrahedral Molecules by Positron/Electron Impact

    Marcos V. Barp and F. Arretche
  10. Low Energy Positron Diffusion in Krypton Gas: a Random Walk Approach

    E. P. Seidel, R. A. S Zanon and F. Arretche
  11. Deep Minima and Vortices for Positronium Formation in Positron-Hydrogen Collisions

    Albandari W. Alrowaily, S. J. Ward and P. Van Reeth
  12. Deep minima in the TDCS for positron-helium ionization computed using the Coulomb-Born approximation

    C. M. DeMars and S. J. Ward
  13. Calculations of the Ps2 bound-state

    Gabriel Medrano, S. J. Ward and P. Van Reeth
  14. Close coupling calculation of positron-N2 scattering cross sections

    Luis A. Poveda, Denise Assafrão, Jenifer G. Pinheiro, José R. Mohallem
  15. Hot Topic Low-Energy Scattering Properties of Ground-State and Excited-State Positronium Collisions

    Michael D. Higgins, Kevin M. Daily, Chris H. Greene
  16. Positronium Formation in Forward Direction from the Fullerene

    Himadri Chakraborty and Paul-Antoine Hervieux
  17. Theoretical study of proton transfer reactions induced by positron attachment

    Yutaro Sugiura, Kento Suzuki, Toshiyuki Takayanagi, Yukiumi Kita, Masanori Tachikawa
  18. Positrons as a Diagnostic Tool in Plasmas and the Galaxy

    Daniel Cocks, Yaniss Nyffenegger-Pere, Himanshu Chaundary, Joshua Machacek
  19. Hot Topic Positronium Manipulation for Antihydrogen Production

    Antoine Camper, on behalf of the AEgIS collaboration
  20. Polarization in the Production of the Antihydrogen Ion

    Casey A. Yazejian and Jack C. Straton
  21. Status of the GBAR Experiment at CERN

    László Liszkay, for the GBAR collaboration
  22. Hot Topic Hyperfine Resonance of Positronium Atoms Using a Static Periodic Magnetic Field

    Y. Nagata, K. Michishio, T. Iizuka, H. Kikutani, F. Tanaka, L. Chiari, Y. Nagashima
  23. Hot Topic Coordinate-Space Method for Calculation of Ps-formation Matrix Elements and its Application to Positron Scattering on Hydrogen Negative Ion

    Dmitry Fursa, Ravshanbek Utamuratov, Alisher Kadyrov and Igor Bray
  24. Coincidence Electron Ionisation Mass Spectrometry: Precursor-specific Relative Ionisation Cross SectiSons

    L. Ellis-Gibbings, W. Fortune, S. D. Price
  25. Methods for Reducing the Dimensions of Many-Body Integrals in Calculations of Low-Energy Antihydrogen Rearrangement Collisions

    M Plummer and EAG Armour
  26. Inelastic Resonant Scattering of Positronium by (Anti)hydrogen Atom

    Takuma Yamashita, Yasushi Kino, Emiko Hiyama, Svante Jonsell, Piotr Froelich
  27. Progress Towards a Pulsed Positronium Beam

    J. R. Machacek, S. J. Buckman and J. P. Sullivan
  28. Ab Initio Study of the Effect of Molecular Vibrations on the Positron-Binding to Polyatomic Molecules

    K. Dohi, Y. Kita, and M. Tachikawa
  29. Vertical Detachment Energies of Solvated Positronium

    M. Bergami, A. L. D. Santana, J. Charry, A. Reyes, K. Coutinho, M. T. do N. Varella
  30. Positronium Total Cross Sections

    S. J. Brawley, D. Newson, M. Shipman, S. E. Fayer, A. Loreti, R. Kadokura, L. Sarkadi and G. Laricchia
  31. Absolute Differential Positronium-Formation Cross Sections from the Inert Atoms

    D. M. Newson, S. E. Fayer, M. Shipman, A. Loreti, R. Kadokura, S. Armitage, T. J. Babij, S. J. Brawley, D. E. Leslie, P. Van Reeth, and G. Laricchia
  32. The Role of Different Inelastic Processes in Thermalization of Positrons in Penning-Malmberg-Surko Trap at a Reduced Background Temperature

    Zoran Lj. Petrović, Vladan Simić, Gordana Malović, Joan P. Marler
  33. Positron Accelerator for Positronium - Cold Ion Scattering Experiments

    R. Clayton, C. J. Baker, W. A. Bertsche, M. Charlton, S. Eriksson, H. T. Evans, C. A. Isaac, D. P. van der Werf
  34. New Measurements of Positron Annihilation on Molecules

    J. R. Danielson, S. Ghosh, C. M. Surko
  35. Effects of Magnetic Non-adiabaticity and Measurement of the Energy Distribution of a Solid Neon Moderated Positron Beam

    S. Ghosh, J. R. Danielson, C. M. Surko
  36. Precision Frequency Measurements with Trapped Antihydrogen

    Patrick Mullan & April Cridland, for the ALPHA Collaboration
  37. Calculations of Positron Scattering, Binding and Annihilation for Atoms and Molecules Using a Gaussian Basis

    A.R. Swann and G. F. Gribakin
  38. Positron Cloud Characterisation

    H. T. Evans, C. J. Baker, M. Charlton, C. A. Isaac
  39. Positron Transport in H2 in Electric and Magnetic Fields Crossed at Arbitrary Angles

    S. Dujko, I. Simonović, R.D. White and Z.Lj. Petrović
  40. First Measurement of Antimatter Wave Interferometry

    Rafael Ferragut, on behalf of QUPLAS
  41. Calculations of Stark Shift and Ionization Rate for Positronium in Strong Electric Fields

    D. B. Popović, A. Bunjac and N. S. Simonović
  42. Positron Production and Cooling for Antihydrogen Production

    V. Mäckel and D. J. Murtagh, on behalf of the ASACUSA collaboration